Monday, August 24, 2009

Reject the Conventional

Consider a mousetrap and a mouse.  What do most mice do? They come head on into the trap, flirt with the cheese and get caught. I keep a picture on my wall of a mouse and it’s trap. However, this picture is a little more unconventional. This astute mouse has shimmied down on a vertical wire to the mousetrap to claim its cheese reward.

I keep this photo to remind me to think outside the square, just like this mouse had done. I keep this photo to remind me to approach life from a different angle. It is mandatory for us to cultivate our mind and allow it to blossom beyond our expectations. I sincerely believe this is the secret to happiness, where we truly find what we dearly love to do and then direct all of or energy toward doing it.

Live with passion and dare to dream. Make your life an epic extraordinary adventure

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