Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Is Your Gift?

Becoming a Thrillionaire isn’t just about seeking adventures and making the most of your life. It is also about giving back to others. Giving a gift, whether that gift idea is tangible or intangible.

Look around. There is an abundance of thrills to be experienced. Be sure you look outside of the square. The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our life. We need to collect our change every day and give it to something that warms our heart. Everybody has a gift to give.

If you put coins in somebody else’s parking meter, send money to a child in need, sponsor endangered animals, collect chance for UNICEF, give away personal belongings to charity, lead an exhilarating heart pounding adventurous lifestyle or write a check for a massive cash donation, you are a Thrillionaire.

Live with passion and dare to dream. Make your life an epic extraordinary adventure.

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