Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Are All Born Rich

My former mentor Bob Proctor instilled in me the belief that we are all born rich. Until I met Bob Proctor, I used to regard the word rich from a monetary perspective, but later I developed the faculty awareness to drill deeper on what he said.

Bob did not mean we are all born monetarily wealthy, rich kids having rich dads. Rather, he recalled that we are all born equal, with equal opportunities and an abundance of potential. Prosperity is our natural birthright and we all posses the same coloring marker set with which we can mark in life.

Consider Bob’s advice. It reduces the most complicated concept in life to the simplest form. We can all create the same opportunities for ourselves and can use as many colors as we like when marking up our lives.

Live with passion and dare to dream. Make your life an epic extraordinary adventure.

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